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Sunday Coffee Hour

Coffee hour is a time for fellowship immediately following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday mornings. It provides an opportunity to offer hospitality, build community, welcome visitors, nourish our bodies after fasting as well as get to know church members better

If you cannot assist your group on your assigned week, please let your leader know so that they can make the necessary adjustments. If your assigned week creates a conflict with your schedule, please contact the Coffee Hour Ministry Leader.


Ministry Team Leader: Sarah Steiger

"Love giving hospitality, my child, for it opens to gates of Paradise.  In this you also offer hospitality to angels.  Entertain strangers so that you won't be a stranger to God"      --St. Amphilochios Makris

Coffee Hour duties
-make Coffee, hot water for tea (be sure the pots are turned ON)
-put out coffee/tea, cups, tea, creamer, sugar
-set up 2 tables for food (either inside or out on the patio next to each other)
-set out chairs for seating (if outside, put out 2-3 umbrellas and stands from the decorating room and some outdoor plastic white chairs for seating)
-bring snacks to share
-donate money in advance to team leaders to purchase snacks
-put out snacks, etc.
-check on items to see if things need refilled or removed
-clean out and put away coffee and hot water pots
-put away coffee items, creamer back in fridge, etc.
-put away tables in Fellowship Hall
-return umbrellas and stands to decorating room
-take out trash and recycling to the dumpster and bins

Weekly Coffee Hour Schedule 2023

 Group 1 (First week)     Leader - Jan  Ivancovich

Albers, Leanne & Victor
Auldridge, Michelle & Jeff
Framboise, Lana
Franck, Thia
Nicholas, Amy & Josh
Polosjuk, Alex
Resnick, Lucia & Josh
Rivera, Lucia & Dn. Antonio
Samawi, Michael
Skant, Olga
Schmidt, Barbara & Kn. Rich
Steiger, Sarah & Will
Young, Linda & Bill

Group 2 (Second week)      Leader – Monica Zweers

Aufdermaur, Steve

Hofschneider, Nicole & Ryan

Lindsay, Kh. Maria

Livingston, Camille & Dn. Anthony

Nacamuli-Oakes, Cicily & Randall

Paquette, Cheryl & James

Roberts, Alisa & Mark

Perez, Krista & Erik

Saad, Kriss & George

Spurgeon, Marilyn

Sacoolas, Marnye & Marc

Steiger, Kh. Ellen

Trigg, Katrina & John Paul

Group 3 (Third week)     Leader - Valerie Pflueger

Cleary, Terry

Cooper-Gritton, Logan & Allie

Jacobson, Michael Ann

Evans, Keith

Linder, Jenna

Moritz-Sack, Lynn & Roger

Penny, Steve

Peterson, Stephanie

Pflueger, Jonathan & Kayla

Rogers, Alicia & Josh

Shanoian, Patty

Washburn, Fr. George

Wentzel, Donna & Dn. Marc

Group 4  (Fourth week)     Leader – Keidi Lewis

Baille, Amanda & Stephan

Beck, Andrew & Gail

Clark, Kristen

Elwell, Gerry & Kathleen

Machnee, Janelle & Darcy

Haag, Denise & Frank

Murray, Brian

Newberry, Karla & Dn. Dave

Peterson, Dane

Salibi, Elias

Salibi, Christina & Phillip

Swaggerty, Amy & Matt
Zellerhoff, Kurt



New Coffee Hour memos (sent to parishioners) can be seen here:





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